How much does Doc Bailey’s Leather Care cost?

All Doc Bailey’s 4 oz leather care detail kits cost only $14.99. Each of these kits will clean and condition a leather jacket more than 30 times, or a bike seat or a pair of boots more than 50 times. We always offer a 100 percent “Use the Bottle to the Bottom” money-back guarantee, which means that even if you use the entire bottle, we will refund your money if you aren’t happy with the results.

At Doc Bailey’s you can get two kits for no added shipping at a special price of just $24.99, which lowers the cost to $12.50 per kit. This is the best deal available for our professional leather cleaner and conditioner! If you don’t think that you need two kits, always remember that Doc Bailey’s makes a great gift for a buddy.

Where can I buy Doc Bailey’s?

Doc Bailey’s leather care products are available at your favorite leather retailer or motorcycle shop. If they do not carry our professional leather cleaner, conditioner, or re-dye kits, ask them to! Have them call 1-800-361-7467 to get set up as a direct reseller.

What does Doc Bailey’s do?

Doc Bailey’s Leather Black: This product cleans, conditions, re-colors, and waterproofs all black leather and vinyl. Doc Bailey’s actually contains a black colorfast dye pigment that won’t bleed and will make your leather look like new.

Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic: This product cleans, deep conditions, restores, and protects all smooth, finished leather. Leather Tonic leaves a nice, non-sticky finish to protect your leather. Our Leather Tonic works extremely well on all exotic leathers.

What is in Doc Bailey’s?

Doc Bailey’s Leather Black contains a mild detergent to gently clean the leather, lanolin oil to condition, preserve, and prevent your black leather from cracking. It also has a colorfast black dye to restore the color and a special blend of waxes to lock that color in and make your leather look new.

Doc Bailey’s leather care products DO NOT contain silicone, alcohol, or other harsh chemicals. We are proud to use only all-natural ingredients, detergents, lanolin oils and mineral waxes to clean, restore, and protect your leather. We want your leather to look like it is new and to last for as long as possible.

Will the Leather Black dye come off or bleed?

No. We use a colorfast dye that won’t bleed. To ensure that there is no bleed, wait about an hour after you apply Leather Black, then go back and buff the leather with a rag to pick up any excess product that you might have applied. A thorough buffing will also help lock in the color.

Does Doc Bailey’s Leather Black work on all leather?

Doc Bailey’s Leather Black is excellent on all smooth black leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, or plastic. It works incredibly well on jackets, boots, motorcycle seats, saddle bags, chaps, leather furniture, auto trim, rubber weather stripping, and just about anything else you want to be black!

Do you have a Doc Bailey’s for colors other than black?

We have another incredible product called Leather Tonic that has been designed for ALL other colors of leather. Red, brown, blue, and everything in between, Leather Tonic will clean, restore, and protect any color of smooth, finished leather. This product is perfect for saddles, tack, boots, exotic skins, furniture, handbags, briefcases, and so much more. This original, completely awesome formula is the one that we built our reputation on. Try a bottle today and see what makes Doc Bailey’s Leather Care the best in the world!

What other products do you have?

In addition to Leather Black and Leather Tonic, we also make the Black Leather and Vinyl Re-Dye and Repair-a-Tear kit, as well as a Multi-Colored Leather Restoration, Re-Dye, and Repair kit, and Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear kit which waterproofs, cleans, and preserves leather of all colors!

Can I get a Catalog?

We don’t print a catalog, but you can check our website for a complete listing of all our products

How often should I use Doc Bailey’s?

For fine leathers like the kind on your furniture or your jacket, only a couple of times per year. Some of your more abused items, like boots and chaps, will benefit from a touch-up up every couple of months. Doc Bailey’s professional leather cleaners take only a few seconds to use and your leather goods are back to being as good as new!

Will the Tonic work on Black leather?”

Yes, the Tonic works on all colors, but for black riding leathers we recommend the Leather Black. Leather Black has heavier waxes that are specially formulated for darker leather which will provide better protection from the elements. The Tonic is more for your fine, multi-color leathers commonly found on furniture, as well as exotic leathers like snakeskin, ostrich, alligator, and others.

What’s the difference between Leather Clear and Leather Tonic

Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is the original formula that we built our reputation on. Use the Tonic to clean, condition, and protect all smooth leather. Leather Tonic was designed for high-shine leather. When you wipe Leather Tonic off, the excess wax will leave a low-gloss, satin finish, which is perfect for dress shoes, boots, saddles, tack, all exotic leathers, and indoor furniture. Leather Tonic is for heavy conditioning and restoration. Tonic also repels water.


Doc Bailey’s Leather Clear is for outdoor leathers and leathers that have a soft, non-shining surface. Leather Clear is invisible when dry and has no shine nor a glossy finish and contains dry, non-sticky waxes that will waterproof your leather. This product is perfect for, boots, jackets, furniture, car interiors, and vinyl dash panels and soft, no-shine leathers. Leather Clear will not change the feel or look of the leather, but still waterproofs effectively. Leather Clear is ideal for light cleaning, conditioning, and restoration, and waterproofing.