Leather is more than just a status symbol or a style choice; leather is a commitment to quality and a desire to own something that will last. While leather is extremely resilient, it does need help to stay supple and strong. That’s where The Original Doc Bailey’s leather care comes in. We have created a line of leather conditioners, leather cleaners, and leather dye kits that will make caring for your precious leather goods as simple as possible.

On this page, you will find a lot of great information about our products, tips and tricks for maintaining your leather, and exciting news about our product line. When you’re ready to make your leather look and feel like it is brand new again, check out our store for our line of leather care products! We know that you, like countless others who have purchased The Original Doc Bailey’s leather cleaners, dye kits, and conditioners, will be ecstatic about the results you will see after just a few minutes.

Doc Bailey’s Leather Care Products

At Doc Bailey’s, we take leather care seriously. When we started, we wanted to create leather conditioners and cleaners that were effective, affordable, and free of the harsh chemicals that so many other products were crammed full of. After a lot of work, we created several formulas that contain only natural ingredients. Not only do the natural ingredients we use prevent you from being exposed to potentially toxic substances, but our leather care products also work better than those chemicals! Read on for a quick overview about the different leather care kits we have for sale here at Doc Bailey’s.

The Leather Black Detail Kit

For old-school and ultra-modern cool, nothing beats black leather. The choice of rockers, bikers, and style icons for generations, black leather is always a great go-to because it goes with everything. For decades, black leather has been adapted into many different items and styles so that everyone can enjoy the feel, the smell, and the look of this material.

Black leather isn’t without its drawbacks, though. Because it is often used as the material for car and motorcycle seats as well as for motorcycle jackets, black leather tends to get a lot of sun. Sun isn’t good on most materials, and leather is no exception. If you don’t take care of your black leather, it can dry up and start to crack and deteriorate.

With The Leather Black Detail Kit, we include everything you need to protect and replenish your black leather goods! This leather care kit does a lot:

  • It waterproofs
  • It cleans
  • It preserve
  • It restores color

Thanks to our gentle, natural detergent and lanolin oil, you’ll have your leather upholstery and jacket looking as good as new with one quick treatment!

Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic

One of the most exciting advances to leather is the proliferation of different colors. While brown and black used to be the standard, today it isn’t uncommon to see pink, blue, red, green, yellow, and many other colors of leather. Just like traditional colors, these leather goods still need to be cleaned and conditioned in order for them to look bright and feel good. That’s where Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic comes in.

Leather Tonic was designed specifically with colored and exotic leather products in mind. If you are rocking rattlesnake boots or an ostrich-leather jacket in a beautiful, bright color, Leather Tonic will keep it supple and shining thanks to moisturizing lanolin and a gentle detergent.

Leather tonic cleans and protects against:

  • Sun damage
  • Sweat and body oil
  • Moisture

Leather Clear Kit

After 20 years of hard work, we finally nailed the formula for our Leather Clear product! With this leather conditioner/waterproofer/cleaner, you have all the power of the toughest cleaners with the beauty of a natural, satin finish, and the easiest application possible. All you need to do is spray Leather Clear on and wipe it off with the buffer cloth that we provide in the kit. It dries in seconds and never leaves a sticky or slimy residue.

Perfect for:

  • Leathers of all colors
  • Saddles, jackets, and upholstery

Leather Re-Dye and Repair Kits

Multi-Color Leather Restoration, Re-Dye, & Repair-a-Tear Kit

If you have colored leather or vinyl that has been damaged or torn, you know how heartbreaking it can be. Professional leather restoration and repair doesn’t come cheap …until now! With the Multi-Color Leather Restoration, Re-Dye, & Repair-a-Tear Kit from Doc Bailey’s, you can fix your own leather for a fraction of the cost of other kinds of leather repair, and the results will be so good that even you won’t be able to tell what you repaired!

This kit includes everything you need to restore your leather and vinyl to its previous glory without needing extra tools or heat. In each kit you will find:

  • Permanent urethane dyes to perfectly match any color of leather
  • Applicator tools
  • Instructions

Black Leather Restoration, Re-Dye, & Repair-a-Tear Kit

Fix any tears, cracks, burns, and rips in your black leather and vinyl with the Doc Bailey’s Black Only Leather Restoration Re-Dye and Repair-A-Tear Kit! This kit includes bleed-free, permanent black dye, and our special R3 compound that makes patching your leather apparel or upholstery fast and easy. The patch will dry in minutes, is color-fast, and won’t rub off!

  • Turn back the effects of fading
  • Make rips, holes, and burns look like they never happened

Still have questions about any of our products? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us for help. We love answering questions about how people can more effectively use all of our leather cleaners and conditioners, so stay tuned to this page and our blog as we add more hints and tips about leather care over the upcoming months!

How to Make Your Leather Jacket Look Brand New

Leather care isn’t as simple as being able to throw your leather jacket into the washing machine. Because it is much stronger and more resilient than other materials, it also requires a different kind of cleaning. Luckily, The Original Doc Bailey’s leather cleaning and conditioning products take a lot of the work out of caring for your leather without causing damage to it. In this section, we will talk about some of the easiest ways to make your leather jacket look brand new! If your leather jacket is started to appear dirty or it is feeling stiff and dry, pick up one of our leather care kits and give your jacket some much-needed TLC!

What Makes Leather Dirty?

Leather gets dirty thanks to the same factors that make pretty much everything else dirty. Dirt, precipitation, sweat, body oil, and other kinds of oil can accumulate on your leather jacket over time. While it usually takes a lot longer to notice if a leather jacket has gotten dirty compared to a denim jacket, once it is noticeable, it can seem like it would take a lot of work to get it clean again.

How to Clean a Leather Jacket

Cleaning leather is not difficult if you have the right tools. Doc Bailey’s leather care products are basically all you need to turn a scuzzy, dried-out leather jacket back into a supple and attractive garment.

The first step is to remove all of the contaminants that have settled onto the surface of the leather. All of our leather cleaners contain a mild, natural detergent that gently lifts away dirt and oils. Once these pollutants have been wiped away, the leather is ready to be moisturized and waterproofed with natural lanolin oil. Depending on the kit you’re using, in addition to cleaning and moisturizing, the leather cleaner may also re-dye your jacket back to its original color.

How to Re-Dye a Leather Jacket

If you picked up a leather jacket at a thrift store or the one you have owned for years is starting to fade, you might be concerned not just with the condition of the leather but also with its appearance. If your jacket has seen better days, pick up one of our leather care kits that also includes dye, and get to work. Thanks to our leather conditioner and cleaner, your jacket will start to look better within minutes. Our system removes dirt and grime in order to allow our permanent urethane dyes to penetrate the material. Once the dyes have taken hold, they won’t rinse off or be any less colorfast than the factory dyes. After the prescribed amount of time, wipe off any excess and enjoy a leather jacket that looks as good as new! Our dye kits also work on other kinds of leather, so try it out on your leather automotive seats and watch the clock tick back on your interior!

Why You Should Waterproof Your Leather Goods

One of the main reasons that humans have been wearing leather goods since the dawn of time is because leather is a strong material and it is naturally water resistant. Over time, humans have further refined the process of waterproofing leather to allow themselves an even greater degree of dryness when they are outside. Leather’s waterproof nature is part of the reason that motorcyclists choose to wear leather when they’re riding; if a storm hits, they won’t have to keep riding around wearing soggy, cold, uncomfortable clothing. Waterproofing leather isn’t just for apparel; saddles last much longer if they are protected from the elements, and so do the seats of your car or motorcycle.

Though modern leather was designed to help water bead off, after enough hours in the sun and the rain, its waterproofing capabilities will be diminished as the protective oils are washed away. At Doc Bailey’s, we don’t believe in making you take your leather to an expensive leather expert to have them make your goods more waterproof, so we came up with a natural waterproofing formula that replenishes the compounds that the factory first used to waterproof your leather.

Pick up a bottle of our Leather Clear leather cleaner and apply it to any piece of leather that is regularly exposed to the elements. You will immediately notice that the leather regains its previous lustre (from high gloss to a gentle, natural satin finish), that it will be softer and cleaner, and that it will be be as waterproof as the day it was made!

Leather Clear took a long time to get right because we had to find a way to balance the waterproofing with a natural look. Too many leather cleaners out there are happy to coat your jacket in a sticky or greasy layer of chemicals that make even the most natural-looking leather appear to be made out of plastic. By finding the perfect balancing act between wax oil and detergents, Leather Clear lets your leather look the way it was meant to look. It is such a powerful yet delicate formula that it won’t even darken the patina of your leather, and it dries in seconds. There is nothing on the market that even comes close, so don’t waste your time searching for anything else.

Leather Clear is an excellent choice for waterproofing all kinds of items:

  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Saddles
  • Automotive interiors
  • Saddle bags
  • Furniture
  • Any other leather you own!

Apply Leather Clear several times per year on leather that receives normal wear (jackets and furniture) and once every few months for leather that takes more of a beating (saddles, boots, and automotive upholstery.)

The Best Leather Care Products on the Planet

When you are ready to resurrect your old leather, check out the leather cleaners and conditioners that we make, find the one that is right for your leather, and place an order. We know that once you receive our products and try them out, you will never want to use another kind of leather cleaner.

While many other companies try to do what we do, they never get it quite right and they never come close to our low prices. Everyone from ranch hands to professional car detailers rely on Doc Bailey’s for leather cleaners that restore and repair quickly. Keep your leather looking great for as long as possible with our natural leather care products!

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