How to care for all leather?

Easy guide to clean and condition and preserve your black Leather. If you want your leather to last. This is how to do it.

Leather Black 2 pack

Proper leather care requires 4 things to be considered a complete leather treatment. To really add to the beauty, strength and preservation of the Leather hide. Remember leather is skin and just like your skin it needs to be cleaned, conditioned and protected. That is what Doc Bailey’s Leather Care does exactly, in one easy step.

  1. Cleaning the Leather is the first step, removing the dirt and grime which opens the pores of the Black leather.
  2. The deep penetrating conditioning oils in Doc Bailey’s Leather Care restores the leather, by adding lost oils back to the skin, the black leather comes back to life.
  3. Then restoring lost color, Doc Bailey’s Leather Black contains an actual Black leather Dye pigment which restores the black leather color.
  4. As a finishing touch Doc Bailey’s leaves a blend of mineral waxes that provides effective waterproofing and UV protection for your leather

Doc Bailey’s Leather Care is a product line that was developed to be the best leather treatment, leather Cleaning and leather conditioning and leather waterproofing products available.

Conditioning leather can be done in several ways. Using a leather conditioning cream or a product like Leather Honey leather conditioner helps but only takes care of part of the problem. If you don’t use some sort of leather cleaning product to clean the leather first, the conditioning oils just sit on top of the plugged pores. You still haven’t done anything to restore the color or waterproof the leather

With Doc Bailey’s leather Care, it is very much different. In one easy step Doc Bailey’s Leather care cleans the leather, opening the pores allowing the Lanolin oils in Doc Bailey’s Leather Care to flow deep into the skin to restore the vitality and softness of the leather.

When choosing a good leather conditioner, It is important to Avoid animal body fats like mink oil, although they are adequate at conditioning leather, they can go rancid and even cause mold on your leather when stored. Lanolin comes from a sheep’s wool and is not susceptible to mold, in fact it prevents it. Doc Bailey’s Leather care will remove the mold and racid oils, again cleaning the leather. This opens the pores so the lanolin can flow deep into the leather to really make a difference in softening the skin.

If you have a rip or tear, try my Leather repair and restoration kit. Doc Bailey’s Leather Restoration, leather Redye and leather repair kit. All color leather repair kit.

Everything you need to repair small tears or holes and actual dye pigments to redye leather any color you can mix. The color chart helps you match your leather perfectly.