The Original Multi-Color Leather Restoration Re-Dye and Repair-A-Tear Kit


Re-dye and repair your leather and vinyl goods with our special leather tear repair kit!

  • Match any color of leather or vinyl with our simple guide and wide range of permanent urethane dyes.
  • The Doc Bailey’s R3 compound makes fixing tears, scratches, cuts, and burns as simple as possible.
  • When you use this kit, the repairs are permanent and will make your leather look as good as new.
  • No heat or additional tools are required.

With The Original Multi-Color Leather Restoration Re-Dye and Repair-A-Tear Kit from Doc Bailey’s, you won’t have to take your vinyl or leather to someone else in order to have it repaired or re-dyed. Our kit makes clothing and auto leather repair as simple as matching the color and applying our R3 compound. The results are so good that you almost won’t be able to believe that you did the work yourself! Pick up this kit today and restore your vinyl and leather to their previous glory!

  • Kit contains everything you need to dye and repair leather and vinyl surfaces of all colors.
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Are you in search of an effective and safe way to redye leather? Look no further – Doc Baileys has the perfect solution for you. Our 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit is the ultimate tool to help restore faded and discolored leather items.

This kit contains a set of seven colors formulated specifically to match any type of leather. In addition, our kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and quality tools that make it simple to apply the colors for a perfect finish each time. The kit offers superior coverage, quick dry time, and long-lasting results that won’t crack or peel away like some other products on the market.

Doc Baileys’ 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit is ideal for all types of leather, from upholstery and footwear to car interiors and saddles. This kit enables you to create vibrant colors on genuine leathers or faux materials alike, so you can customize your look as desired. It also makes it easy to touch up areas that have been pulled or scuffed over time.

The use of this product is easy and straightforward, making it perfect for anyone who wants quick results without having previous experience with using a re-dye kit on leather items. For example, if your desired color is not available in our 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit, simply mix two or more together until the desired tone is achieved. Additionally, rest assured knowing that many celebrities trust our re-dying technology!

Our 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit also includes conditioning cream as well as an applicator sponge for optimal application accuracy and luster preservation on any leather item. With this product, you get superior colorfastness that resists cracking and fading even when exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about ruining your favorite piece – just follow our directions for a beautiful result!

We are proud of our reputation as being one of the best manufacturer’s of re-dyers in the industry today. Our 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit allows users to restore their favorite pieces with ease at home–without relying on expensive professionals or damaging their items with subpar products found elsewhere online–and we stand behind our quality promise 100%. All purchases come with a money back guarantee in case you feel unsatisfied after using our product; we’re confident you won’t need it!

So what are you waiting for? Investing in Doc Baileys’ 7 Color Multi-Color Redye & Repair Kit means getting professional results without breaking your budget or sacrificing quality materials in exchange for convenience. Choose us today so you can be sure that your favorite pieces will look good as new again!

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