The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic

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Protect and restore leather of any color with Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic!

  • Our innovative and SUPER CONCENTRATED leather cleaning product will make any leather look better and last longer.
  • No matter what color leather you have, Leather Tonic will make it waterproof and more colorful.
  • The silicone-free Leather Tonic adds a brilliant, high-gloss finish.
  • Perfect for everything from leather jackets and boots to couches, saddles, purses, belts, furniture, and more.

Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is designed to restore leather by using a combination of effective but gentle detergents and moisturizing lanolin. When you use Doc Bailey’s, your leather will look better, feel softer, and be more resistant to damage caused by the sun, moisture, sweat, and body oils. Unlike other leather cleaners, the less you use, the better it works! This leather cleaning product has been tested on many different kinds of exotic leathers, including stingray, snake skin, ostrich, and others.

  • The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic was developed in Canada with extreme weather conditions in mind.
  • Sold in 4 oz. detail kits.
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How to Use Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic

  • Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is SUPER-CONCENTRATED, in fact, the less you use, the better it works.
  • Only a few drops does the job.
  • Apply a small amount of Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic to a clean, dry sponge and color test in a discrete area.
    • If leather darkens or color changes, do not continue use.
  • If you like the results, wipe Leather Tonic evenly over the entire area to be treated.
    • The detergents will clean the leather, allowing the sponge to fully remove dirt.
    • The lanolin oils soak in to nourish and soften the leather.
    • As the lanolin soaks in, a thin layer of montan wax is left on the surface to protect the leather and help repel water.
  • Rinse sponge with water and leave to dry.
  • Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic dries in less than one minute and leaves no sticky residue.

Leather Cleaning Tips

  • Regular use and spot cleaning will give your leather a beautiful, high-gloss shine. No buffing is necessary. Allow Leather Tonic to dry for one minute before touching the surface of the leather.
  • For a low-shine finish: after treating the area, go back over the surface before it dries with the clean side of the sponge to remove any excess Tonic. This will give the leather a nice, soft finish.
  • Doc Bailey’s is color-neutral and can be used on all shades of leather. In the case of scuffing or fading, simply touch up with a matching felt tip pen and then apply Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic on top to lock in the color.

How Often Should I Use Doc Bailey’s Leather Cleaning Products?

  • For everyday shoes: once per month
  • For leather jackets, exotic skins, furniture, saddles: twice per year.
  • Spot cleaning can be done at any time, using a very small amount of Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic.

Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic will darken all open-pore leather.

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Weight 4 oz

2 reviews for The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic

  1. John Jackson

    Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is the best leather treatment in the world. I use it to clean and restore all my saddles and tack. On my cowboy boots it makes them look like new after I beat the crap out of the boots, The Leather Tonic just takes seconds and BAM, they look like new. I highly recommend any of Doc Bailey’s Products.

  2. mbos911

    Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is the best I have ever used. Easy and effective to clean and restore all my leathers. Jackets, boots saddles and tack. It is truly amazing. I highly recommend all of Doc Bailey’s Products. They make my life easier.

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