The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Black Detail Kit

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Restore your black leather and vinyl with this leather cleaning product from Doc Bailey’s!

  • Waterproof, clean, re-dye, and preserve your black leather with one kit.
  • Lock in moisture and rich, black dye with our unique formula.
  • Doc Bailey’s contain no silicone and never feels sticky.
  • The best leather/vinyl repair product on the market!

Black leather may be a signifier of timeless cool, but too much sun or exposure to the elements can leave your leather jacket, boots, gloves, seats, and any other leather or vinyl goods looking shabby and dry. With Doc Bailey’s innovative Leather Black formula, not only will your leather look and feel better, it will actually be better protected than it was before! Our gentle yet effective detergents lift dirt out of leather and allow the dye and lanolin to move deeper into it for better color and protection.

  • Contains lanolin oil
  • Sold in 4 oz. detail kits
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Buy 2 Bottles for $29.97 PLUS Free Shipping SAVE $8


How to Use Doc Bailey’s Leather Black:

  • Apply a small amount of Doc Bailey’s Leather Black to a clean, dry sponge and wipe evenly over the surface.
  • Rinse sponge after use.
  • Allow to cure for 12 hours before exposing to moisture.
  • Buff for higher shine, if desired.
  • DO NOT USE on buckskin or suede.
  • Product will darken all leather, so always test in a discrete area.
  • Reapply every six months or as needed.
  • To remove Leather Black from unwanted areas or to correct mistakes, use baby oil to remove it.

Excellent for all smooth black leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and canvas surfaces.

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Weight 4 oz

4 reviews for The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Black Detail Kit

  1. John Jackson

    Absolutely the best Leather Care I have ever used. 30 years in the saddle business and I have never seen anything work like Doc Bailey’s Leather Black. It gives the Leather everything it needs. Clean, Condition, Re-dye and waterproof..I recommend it to all my custom leather clients.

  2. Rick Hawkins

    Recently I called the phone number listed on the website. I purchased a Corvette convertible and the previous owner had tried to silicone the rear glass back into the rag top. Needless to say, they got silicone all over the black top. Having used Doc Baileys for years, I figured I could cover the spots with a coat of Doc’s, but figured I would call just in case I was wrong. Well, I called and got to talking to the gentleman that answered and he told me to use mineral spirits first to remove the silicone which by the way I had tried everything and was ready to buy a new 1200.00 dollar top. So I tried this and it worked perfectly and then I put a coat of Doc Baileys on the top and it looks like factory new. I sent a thank you email and received a response from Doc himself. It was him that I was talking to. How cool was this. A business owner answering the phone, and giving great advice and explaining to me exactly how to do everything. These days most companies could care less about the customer. Not the case when you deal with Doc Baileys!!! Sorry about the long review, but if you are considering “any” Doc Bailey products, do yourself a favor and buy them. I have been using them for years and I can truly say they are the best out there!!!

    Thanks again Doc!!!

  3. John Gosselin the Mean Spitfire

    The first time I bought Leather Black was at the Friday the 13th bikers gathering in Port Dover, Ontario, approximately 25 years ago. It was the original Canadian made product. There was a young guy from Doc Bailey’s giving a demo and what I saw as very convincing. So I bought my first bottle there and then. I used it on shoes mostly and found it to be perfect in protecting leather against the salty winter slush that dries up and damages leather boots and shoes. It does a great job of water, and therefore slush-proofing the leather. It does prevent cracking due to road salt. Truly excellent! I found it to also do wonders on PATENT LEATHER. My wife had an evening purse in black patent leather which did not see that much action over the years. Hence, it got covered in a whitish haze which was impossible to wash off. I used a small amount of Doc Bailey’s Leather Black and wiped lightly for maybe a minute, the haze completely came off and the surface looked like brand new. Amazing! I used the Leather Tonic on a Peruvian leather coffee table which had suffered from years from spills of all sorts, salad dressing, beer, pop, you name it. I first cleaned it as best I could with a damp rag and let it dry. I then applied Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic and it simply looked like brand new! No more stains or dull spots. I would highly recommend the Doc’s products. 25 years of satisfaction! FIVE STARS AIN’T ENOUGH!!!!!

  4. Lorenzo Apodaca (verified owner)

    I am a police officer and have had a leather jacket for close to 20 years. Recently is was looking a little worn out. I bought Doc Bailey’s and now my jacket looks GOOD AS NEW!!!! It is my favorite jacket both on and off duty so I am happy to see it looking so good. My wife saw what Doc Bailey’s did for my jacket and has now used it on her leather. I will recommend this to all my friends and I will certainly purchase more. Plus the staff is friendly and is always willing to take time to answer questions. They have a customer for life.

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